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The Leading EMR for Addiction, PAIN AND CANNABIS Clinics in Canada

The Only Electronic Medical Record Software Designed Exclusively for your Practice

PatientVu™ greatly improves clinic efficiency, helps ensure audit protection and >99% billing recovery. Typically, new users become proficient in < 1 hour and our Support Team is available via email, telephone and/or screen share.

We consider ourselves a partner in your success – to this end, your bill from NOVX is based on the number of patients actually seen in a given month – per patient billing - this properly aligns your revenue with our compensation. We only get paid if you do.


Switching to PatientVu™ will drive your clinic's performance forward

Dedicated Support

A dedicated support team committed to your success

Ongoing Upgrades

Ongoing software enhancements and upgrades

CPSO Audit Protection

PatientVu™ workflow makes clinics virtually audit-proof


Pertinent forms are converted to electronic templates

Greater Profitability

Savings flow to bottom line, improving Clinic profitability

Secure Data

Data is backed up in cloud with multiple redundancies


Reports and Charting allow deeper insight into Clinic operations

Easy to Learn

Users are proficient with just 60 minutes of training

Improved Care

More attention to patients

Clinic / Pharmacy Partnership

Pharmacy module allows for greater interoperability

Patient Safety

PatientVu™ safeguards against miss-dosing


Access to volume Dip pricing via BTNX partnership


Comparative Results Tool allows greater financial performance insight

Chain of Custody

Tighten sample control process

Let's work together

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